Just because winter is here, it surely doesn’t mean you can’t still get those home improvement projects done. Did you know that Hutcherson Construction works year-round? Rain, shine, snow, smoldering heat, we’ve got you covered. We understand that there are some projects that cannot wait, and we’re more than happy to help you! During the colder months, we’re still able to help you with new doors, windows and siding. When replacing doors and windows, you can save money and receive tax credits!


Have you ever stood by your front door and felt cold seeping in the bottom of the door? Did you know that if cold air is getting in, heat is also getting out. This means you’re furnace is being forced to work harder and pump more heat throughout the house? By installing high-quality doors, it will not only improve the value of your home giving your home’s exterior a fresh, upgraded look, but it’ll also help minimize drafts and heat from leaking out.

We provide our clients with the best doors available by installing Therma-Tru ® products for every commercial and residential project we take on. Therma-Tru ® has been manufacturing doors for over 54 years and is well-known for developing the first fiberglass door.

Not only is this company innovative because of the way that they focus on manufacturing doors that are ENERGY STAR compliant and NFRC certified.  Their doors are designed to last and aesthetically pleasing. They offer a variety of colors and styles making it easy to find the perfect door for your home.


Similarly to replacing doors, windows are also a great way to cut down on that heating bill and freshen up the look of your home.  We provide superior products that are long-lasting and we offer our clients a wide variety of choices. That said, we highly recommend window products manufactured by Pella ® and Jeld-Wen ®. Both companies deliver high quality items and versatility in colors and styles making it easy for a homeowner or property owner to choose their route when moving forward with any new construction, remodeling or renovation projects.

When shopping for windows, it’s important as a consumer to understand certain ratings which tell you the strength, quality and durability of windows.

  • U-Factor: Rates how well a window prevents heat from escaping through a window. In cold climates, look for a low u-factor rating ranging from 0.2-1.
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC): Rates how much heat produced from the sun is allowed in. In warmer climates, look for a low SHGC rating ranging from 0-1.
  • Air Leakage: The  closer the number is to 0.1, the most outside air will leak in. Ranges for this test is 0.1-0.3.

Also, it’s good to understand the Visible Transmittance ratings and how they measure how well the window allows light in. The closer the number is to 1, the more light the window will let in. Condensation Resistance measures how resistance the window is to condensation. The closer the number is to 100, the better the window is at resisting condensation.

These are great things to know when shopping for new windows, and Hutcherson Construction is here to help navigate through this buying process by answering these tough questions.


Many people have a misconception that replacing your siding is not something that should be done during the colder months. Did you know that replacing siding can also cut down those heating bills?

Siding protects the structure of your home or building from possible damage due to weather and it allows you to spruce up the exterior of your home by selecting from different colors and designs.

Without top quality siding, the interior structure of a home or building can sustain water damage. Additionally, inferior siding does not provide the level of insulation needed for energy efficiency or add value to the property. In fact, your home or building’s curb appeal will suffer dramatically once the low-quality siding begins to reveal its failure to withstand the effects of the elements.

Taking into consideration these factors, Hutcherson Construction works with CertainTeed® and Exterior Portfolio® siding products for every client undergoing exterior construction projects.

Don’t let the cold months and blistering cold deter you from saving money while sprucing up the exterior of your home. Hutcherson Construction is here to help! Contact us today for your consultation!