Paying for regular gutter cleaning is expensive, so it’s important and also smart to invest in an effective gutter cleaning system. In the long run, having an effective system in place could prevent damage to your gutters and ultimately your home. There are three gutter systems to consider when selecting one for your home. 1) Screen, 2) Brush and 3) Guard/Helmet.

1. Gutter Screen

A gutter screen helps keep large debris like leaves and sticks out of your home’s gutters. Gutter screens attach to the front of the gutter and adds strength to the gutter to prevent damage from snow, ice, high winds and animals.

2. Gutter Brush

A gutter brush prevents clogs and helps reduce cleaning. Gutter brushes fill the gutter blocking debris from clogging the gutter and allows water to flow through with ease. Gutter brushes are built to last and are easy to install.

3. Gutter Guards

Let gutter guards save you from what could be a tedious and dangerous household task. These guards might not be 100% maintenance free, but they can surely lessen the amount of labor needed to clean your gutters. Most gutter guards snap into place and can be trimmed to the proper size of your gutters. Keep in mind that most gutters are pretty standard size. Nick Hutcherson, owner of Hutcherson Construction, weighs in on which system he prefers, “ I personally prefer the gutter guard, and although it is a premium priced product, it is also the premium performing product and will keep all of the junk out of your gutters.”

Regardless of the gutter cleaning system you select, keep in mind that having one is better than not having one. Having a gutter cleaning system installed can help minimize damage that could occur from leaves and stick buildup and extend the life of your gutters.

Hutcherson Construction understands the importance of gutter cleaning and safety associated with it. Let the professionals ensure your gutters are up to the test, and if new gutters are necessary, Hutcherson Construction can recommend the ideal gutter system for your home.