Quality roof replacements are never cheap, but at the same time, a sky-high price tag won’t necessarily guarantee the best performance over the long term, either. So how can you be sure that you’re investing in a roofing product that offers excellent reliability at a price that’s competitive?

Well, you’ll want to look for a Kalamazoo roofing system that meets several key criteria:

  • Well Known in the Industry
  • Expertly Engineered
  • Proven Under Real-World Conditions
  • Installed by Trained Professionals
  • Backed by Long-Term Warranties

To meet these critical criteria for our customers, Hutcherson Construction offers the GAF Lifetime Roofing System

We're not only 100% confident that the GAF brand meets all of the key criteria above, but we’re also a GAF Master Elite Contractor with certification to install these top-of-the-line roofing systems correctly.

What Goes Into a GAF Roof Installation?

The GAF Lifetime Roofing System is a truly comprehensive, top-to-bottom roof installation. Each piece has been engineered and constructed to form part of the larger whole, acting together to protect your Kalamazoo home better.

The image below showcases the six elements of a GAF Lifetime Roof replacement.

GAF roofing components

Here’s what each component does for your home:

  1. Lifetime Shingles come with LayerLock™ Technology and StainGuard Plus™ Algae Protection to keep your roof watertight and beautiful.
  2. Attic ventilation is essential to the health of your home, keeping air flowing to prevent damage from trapped heat and moisture.
  3. Roof deck protection keeps water from penetrating your roof and impacting your home, even during tough storms. GAF’s storm protection has been proven time and time again.
  4. A leak barrier provides yet another layer of protection from all forms of water, from wind-driven rains to ice dams and snow.
  5. Starter strip shingles work to prevent shingle blow-off by locking the first row of shingles in place with GAF's exclusive adhesives.
  6. Ridge cap shingles provide that highly polished finishing touch that also prevents leaks at your roof’s hips and ridges.

Best of all, GAF’s Lifetime Roofing Shingles are backed by a number of warranties to ensure their top-notch performance for decades to come. Depending on the shingle you choose, these warranties can include the StainGuard Plus™ Algae Protection Limited Warranty and the WindProven™ Limited Wind Warranty.

Beautiful Styles and Colors for GAF Roofing Systems

Beyond exclusive features that ensure the longevity of your roof, GAF roofing shingles are also known for their exceptional beauty. At Hutcherson Construction, we most often recommend GAF’s Timberline HDZ® Shingles, which come in a selection of gorgeous, high-dimension shades.

Go with Charcoal or Oyster Gray for a traditional look, or stand out with something bolder like Hunter Green or Patriot Red. GAF also has color blends available if you’d like a more richly textured appearance.

Choosing a GAF Certified Company for Your Roof Repair or Replacement

To make sure you’re receiving all of the benefits of GAF’s Lifetime Roofing System, it’s essential to choose a Kalamazoo roofing company that is properly certified for installation. 

If you go with an unaccredited contractor, then you’ll face two potential problems:

  1. Poor Installation Quality: The GAF roofing system works because each component serves a specific purpose—especially when it comes to storm protection. An unqualified contractor may cut corners or provide subpar work that exposes your home to the Kalamazoo climate.
  2. Invalid Warranties: Even more critically, any work done by a contractor without GAF approval will not qualify for warranty protection. This could cost you thousands of dollars down the road if any problems arise with your roof installation.

Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to avoid an qualified GAF roofer. Simply ask for proof of GAF certification. Hutcherson Construction is a GAF Master Elite Contractor and would be happy to provide proof! Because we are Master Elite, we’re able to offer the top tier of warranty coverage: the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty.

For qualifying systems, the Golden Pledge Warranty includes at least lifetime coverage for roof shingles, 10–25 years for algae protection, 15 years for wind, and 25 years for workmanship. It’s the best coverage offered by this trusted brand!

Explore GAF Products Through a Free Consultation

Ready to see whether GAF roofing might be right for your Kalamazoo roof replacement? Then start by reaching out to Hutcherson Construction today. We have a proven track record of success in the local area, and we’re backed by our status as a GAF Master Elite Contractor.

As a family-owned business for three generations, we also deliver an outstanding customer experience. We take pride in guaranteeing no hidden fees, no surprises and no money taken until the job is completed and done right!

If you’re interested in learning more, please call us to speak with a friendly team member. You can also fill out our online form now to request more information and a free cost estimate on our GAF roofing systems.