If you’re thinking about waiting until spring to add a deck or redo your deck on your home, you should reconsider. There’s a common misconception that the best time to build a desk is in the spring, but the reality is that Winter is the more suitable time to take on this type of project.

Like many of our clients, they thought this was counterintuitive. However, there are several reasons why it’s best to build your deck during the Winter months so that when Spring arrives, you can enjoy your deck instead of waiting for it.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider installing a new deck now, rather than wait until Spring.

1. You Won’t Have to Wait to Enjoy your Deck

When you build your deck in the winter, that means that by the time Spring arrives, you are already enjoying your new deck. That in turn results to your family enjoying more time on this new addition.

Additionally, when you choose to build a deck in the winter, you have more choice when it comes to selecting a contractor. Since more homeowners typically wait until the Spring, contractors will be easier to obtain in the Winter. Once Spring hits, you won’t have to compete with other homeowners to snag the best contractor for your project. Lock them in now and have that beautiful deck completed by Spring built by the contractor of your choice.

2. Building Permits Sometimes Take Longer than Expected

Because many homeowners decide to wait to build their deck until the spring, this can create issues when trying to obtain the proper permits for the new deck. During the spring and summer, when construction projects are at their high, it becomes a lengthy process when trying to secure a permit. Beat the rush and get started before others get rolling with their projects!

3. Colder Temperatures can Prevent Landscape Damage

Like it or not, building a deck means that a construction crew will be maneuvering around your yard for an extended amount of time. During the spring and summer months, the ground is softer, which means more damage can be done to your yard, plants or shrubs.  During the winter months, the ground tends to be harder, which means there will be less plant life meaning much less stress due to minimized damage to your yard and landscaping.

4. Cold Weather can help Stabilize your Deck

The wood used to build decks can swell in hot, humid weather, which can lead to unwanted effects such as warping and twisting. Winter is a dry season which means that the cool dry air will allow you deck plenty of time to stabilize properly.

5. Better Deal in the “Off-Season”

Another reason to purchase a deck now is because when more homeowners tend to wait to start their project in the spring, the influx causes prices to increase. Think of it like this, when is the best time to purchase a coat? Do you think you’ll get a better deal in the summer, when no one wants one, or in the fall or winter when everyone is freezing and basically willing to pay whatever it costs to obtain one? A better deal is going to happen in the offseason, so it makes sense to move forward with this project in the winter.

To summarize, you don’t need to put a pause on your deck project when the weather cools down. We’ve established a reputation for building quality decks, and we are truly committed to customer satisfaction. We take the time to help you design and build the deck of your dreams. Give us a call for your free, no-pressure estimate at 269-685-0900.