If you're just starting the process of pricing our your construction project, you may notice that national contractors sometimes appear to be cheaper than your local construction companies. The larger the company, the more they are able to leverage their size to get better material pricing, equipment and sometimes even labor.

There's more to completing a construction project than that. Local contractors are not only able to bring expertise that can help ensure that your project runs smoothly, but also that they can better avoid problems, delays and possibly even major pricing changes.

1) Face-to-Face Communication

Even though emails and phone calls can help resolve small problems, there's no secret that it's easier to have discussions face-to-face. A local contractor is able to provide these face-to-face meetings more frequently to ensure that any issues that arise are solved quickly and efficiently. This offers homeowners peace of mind and helps to minimize the changes of frustration and miscommunication.

2) References You Can Count On

Most companies are only going to share testimonials that depict themselves and their services in the best light, so written testimonials are always the most reliable source of information. When opting to work with a local company, you're able to actually see the projects firsthand and also talk to previous customers.  You're able to get a better understanding of the quality of work they do and also of the experience the customer received.

3) Familiarity with Local Regulations

When working with a local contractor, they are more likely to understand the specific building codes and regulations in your area. Working with someone local can drastically minimize your risks of going against local codes and regulations

4) Subcontractor Relationships

Sometimes, a contractor will hire a subcontractor to help with certain aspects of the construction project. A local contractor is likely to vet out the best contractor for your project, whereas a national contractor would be likely to hire the cheapest and/or first available subcontractor. A local contractor will be more familiar with the talent pool and will know the quality of their work. 

Additionally, because the subcontractor is local to the contractor, they have a much better understanding of of the project, the contractor's expectations and work environment.

5) Held to High Standards

A local contractor's business is based on reputation. If a local contractor doesn't deliver a quality project and/or have an exceptional experience, word gets out fast and customers won't hire them. Larger contractors can tend to manage projects with their own interests in mind, not the client's interests. Local will take the client's interest and/or concerns very seriously, and they will strive to deliver on an experience they deserve and a beautiful completed project.

6) Money Stays Within the Community

When a project stays local to the community, more tax money goes into the local infrastructure, community outreach  programs and other local businesses. 

Deciding to work with a local contractor has a ton of benefits for homeowners and the local community.