Siding is an essential component of any building's exterior. It provides protection from the elements while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the structure. Over time, however, siding can become damaged, worn, and in need of repair or replacement. When faced with this situation, it can be challenging to decide whether to repair or replace your siding. Within this post, we will discuss why you should consider replacing versus repairing your siding.

Age of Siding

The age of your siding is an important factor to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace it. If your siding is more than 15 or 20 years old, it may be time to replace it. Over time, siding can become brittle, fade, and crack due to prolonged exposure to the elements. While repairing damaged siding may seem like a cost-effective option in the short term, it may not be a viable long-term solution. Plus, it can be difficult to match older siding because of fading, so that is an example on why it would make sense to replace it rather than repair it.

Damage Extent

The extent of the damage to your siding is another important consideration. If only a small area of your siding is damaged, it may be possible to repair it. However, if the damage is widespread or affects the integrity of the siding, replacing it may be the only viable option. Attempting to repair extensively damaged siding may only serve as a temporary fix, and the problem may recur sooner than later.

Energy Efficiency

Replacing your old siding with new energy-efficient siding can provide significant energy savings in the long run. Older siding may have gaps, holes, or cracks that allow air to escape, making it harder to maintain a consistent temperature inside your home. By replacing your old siding with new energy-efficient siding, you can improve the insulation of your home, reduce your energy bills, and increase your home's overall value. Siding technology has come a long way throughout the years!

Aesthetic Appeal

Finally, the aesthetic appeal of your siding is an important consideration. If your siding is outdated or no longer suits your home's design, replacing it with a new and modern siding  can give your home a fresh and updated look. It can also increase your home's curb appeal and overall value, making it a smart investment.

While repairing your siding may seem like a cost-effective solution, there are several reasons why you should consider replacing it instead. If your siding is old, extensively damaged, or affecting the energy efficiency or aesthetic appeal of your home, replacing it can provide significant long-term benefits. Contact a professional siding contractor to discuss your options and help you make an informed decision. Call 269-685-0900 for your FREE Siding estimate today!