We understand that our clients want to trust the people they hire for their exterior construction projects. That’s why we take the time to know our customers and fully understand the vision and goals behind their projects. We thoroughly disclose project plans and keep the customer in the know throughout the duration of the project. Because we understand how important it is to know the people you hire, we thought we’d share with you a bit about our company and the history surrounding it.

Hutcherson Construction has been a family-owned and operated construction in the Kalamazoo area since 2014. We are 3rd generation builders and contractors that specialize in residential and commercial exterior construction projects. Nick Hutcherson, owner of Hutcherson Construction, graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in business and learned exterior construction from both his father and his grandfather. Along with his brother, Cody who also grew up in this field, Nick will continue in his father and grandfather’s footsteps by providing high quality workmanship on every single project both big and small.

Hutcherson Construction has a strict commitment to pursuing continuing education, specialized training as well as obtaining advanced certification ensuring that our customers receive the tradition of high-quality work. Not only does Hutcherson Construction invest in their continued training, but they utilize superior products from top manufacturers for every single project to ensure they are providing you with appreciable value in your home or building.

Not sure whether Hutcherson Construction is right for your exterior construction project? Here are some fun facts to consider before allowing other companies to bid on your project.

The Hutcherson Construction team is…

  • Fully licensed and insured.
  • A team of extensively trained tradesmen that can successfully install all components of a home or building’s exterior, such as siding, gutters, decking, windows and doors.
  • Dedicated to your satisfaction from the start to finish of your project.
  • Committed to adhering to your timeline for completion whenever possible.
  • Upfront in its materials pricing and the labor cost to complete your project.
  • A provider of high quality products for your project from top manufacturers, like CertainTeed®, Exterior Portfolio®, Azek®, Therma-Tru®, Pella®, Jeld-wen® and Quality Edge®.
  • Respectful of your property and cleans it free of any remaining debris after project completion.
You don’t need to risk the quality of your project by allowing an unproven company your business. We competitively price all of our projects and the work we provide is unparallel to our competitors. 

Hutcherson Construction will exceed your expectations for your project and complete it with time to spare.
So, what kind of exterior project does Hutcherson Construction specialize in?

  • Siding: Hutcherson Construction is dedicated to providing your home with the look you want by installing durable, high quality siding available in a multitude of colors from CertainTeed® and Exterior Portfolio®. Additionally, our tradesmen have the skills and training to deliver a seamless appearance when installing new siding to complement the current exterior products on your home or building.
  • Decking: To put the finishing touch on your property, the Hutcherson Construction team can install long-lasting composite decking from Azek® in a variety of styles to match the exterior of your building or home.
  • Doors: From traditional to modern styles, we can install Therma-Tru® doors that suit your preferences, while also providing the sealing and protection you need to keep your energy costs down.
  • Windows: Our licensed and insured tradesmen install top quality windows from leading manufacturers, such as Pella® and Jeld-wen®, for various types for residential and commercial projects in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Gutters: To keep your home free of water damage, Hutcherson Construction installs Quality Edge® gutters, which are known for their easy installation and impressive durability.

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